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As convenient as it is to create a home office for one’s small startup business, it may be advised to get a coworking space located outside of one’s home.

This will not only help to reduce distractions, it will also inevitably increasing profit maximization which is the number one focus of any business owner.

Getting a coworking space can, however, be quite a lot to take for small businesses in terms of finances. This is why it pays to pick a coworking space that fits your budgets and other important factors.

Coworking Space Definition:

A coworking space can be simply defined as the arrangement of setting up a work environment (presenting an office) by individual contractors, under different employers and with different business interests.

Coworking has grown to become a trending topic in the business world recently and it is an option actively employed by most start-up and existing business organizations.

The idea is to add more manpower to their workforce at the cheapest possible rates.

Considering the limitations and the cost that arises with privately owning one’s office, coworking becomes a viable alternative.

Although some business owners may be keen on their privacy, there are quite a number of benefits aside from the obvious cost saving effect that can make them change their minds.

These factors include; effectiveness as a result of being able to share ideas, networking, possible publicity depending on the area, structuring of one’s business and so much more.

Just like a normal office environment, a lot of attention needs to be paid, when it comes to selecting the perfect coworkspace. The reason for this is that; a perfectly chosen coworking environment can help boost the productivity and a bad one will just do the opposite of that.

It is clearly no doubt that a good working environment is healthy for any kind of enterprise as it helps the workers to maximize their potentials. As promising as this seems, choosing a great working space can be an important yet challenging task. There are a lot of considerations to be made before finally settling on a space.

The following are a list of such considerations/ criteria:

What the building/working space has to offer

There are certain standard types of equipment which are necessary for every office setting. However, it will be an added bonus if the coworking space has extra amenities like conference rooms, projectors, phone rooms etc.

Some coworking space might even go as far as having restaurants, sporting facilities and relaxation centres for networking.

This is one of the important criteria anyone looking at coworking should consider when it comes to selecting the best coworking spaces.

The ambience

The environment a coworking space is located is another factor to consider. If possible, it is always good to check out the kind of companies you might be sharing your coworking space with.

This is very important to determine how those organisations will affect your’s either positively or negatively. And also to know if it will be competitive or passive.

Also, you need to ask yourself the following questions; Is the coworking space for creative freelancers, or for entrepreneurs or it allows a mixture of both? Will networking with your coworking space colleagues increase or inhibit your productivity?

The answers to these questions and some other should be well answered when determining the perfect office space for you. You should never jump into conclusion when finding answers to these questions and most importantly, you should never make your decision simply based on sentiment.

Your company’s stage

This should probably be the first thing to consider. Are you just starting up your business or you have been working for a while and looking to expand?.

Do you want to expand your team or simply gather them? Are you mainly looking to connect? In all these situations, a coworking space can still be considered.

Nevertheless, the different needs and wants will determine which to choose in the many coworking space options that one may have.

The future

The appeal of wanting to share a coworking space might seem like a very bright idea now, but it is important to consider how the business would be in the nearest future.

Would it still be okay to share working space or would the business have outgrown the space? If not, then sharing may not be an excellent idea as it would be an inconvenience to start looking for another appropriate space suited for your business.

The location and the logistics

All businesses require clients so it is paramount that clients have easy access to wherever you have chosen. You also have to check its accessibilities to potential business partners.

Ensuring this is not only going to be suitable and beneficial for the team you will work with, it will also be cost efficient in terms of reduced transportation fees, fatigue and stress.

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